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Hollywood Editors Video Editing Prices And Packages Hermosa Beach Marketing

Video Editing

Video editing process starts with footage. Upload your footage or overnight to our media box. Professional award winning film and TV editors will rough cut and finish cut your film. Web videos will include motion graphics and different sizes.

Color Correction Video Editing Prices And Packages Hermosa Beach Marketing

Color Correction

Many times the output of your film needs help. Color correction is the art of shadow making. We are here to ensure your footage looks good. We have improved blurry footage to green people. Call us today.

DVD Authoring Video Editing Prices And Packages Hermosa Beach Marketing

DVD Authoring

Our first product above as a business was a seminar set. DVDs includes cover, DVD and menu design. Remote control programming available. Easter eggs and bonus footage. Render times amazing. You will receive master TS files and optional DVD-R master.

Yes We Attempt Blurry Footage Fixing

Labor Hours vs Render Hours

Video Editing Prices and Packages

Post Production Services

Hollywood Editors are Fast: Footage quality is based on camera experience, sound experience, and lighting experience. We began in DVD authoring as a business. We looked at our first footage and knew someone had to start learning production. Over the years we have worked to perform thousands of hours of video editing. Our packages and pricing depend on how far you want to go. DVD creation is great but if we are responsible to edit the video and color correction then we take that into consideration. Many times our job is to wait. Fast render computers still need attention and sometimes fail. Upload times or sending in the mail are also considerations. Our expertise is post production. We know what each professional will need as the footage gets passed down the line. Communication will be constant as we appreciate your business for years to come.

*Industry experience is key. We edit anything from interviews, films, commercials and music videos. We have a vast portfolio in each genre. We hope to see you as a customer. Below are photos that display some of our experiences.

Price List

Normal Film Editing Rates per Editor with Equipment Cost and Render Times $1799/Week.

Small Jobs are Accosted Differently

Color Correction Rates Vary per Number of Cameras

DVDs Only $3799 and Up for Master.

Rendering Means Waiting to Export

Enjoy an Expert Experience.
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Meet Tony

Meet Editor and Colorist Tony Filipic

Hollywood is life: Tony Filipic is a multi-faceted media craftsman. He has filmed everything from videos to live TV. Tony has worked on many sets in lighting and grip. He has ran sound for live events and managed sound boards. Tony started in DVD authoring as one of the first professional non-camera gigs. Once he saw the need for the other parts of production, the product Tony can produce is top of the industry. – Yes Tony did meet Adam West.

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